Roaring Run

Important Dates

Built: 1832 (?) 1838(?)
Re-built: 1847
Went out of Blast: 1854 (1865?)


USFS Article

"Roaring Run Hot-blast Charcoal Furnace, owned by F.B. Deane of Lynchburg and Samuel C. Robinson of Richmond, Virginia, situated on Roarign Run, a branch of Craig's Creek, four miles southwest of Dibbrell's Sulphur Springs, thirty-six miles northwest of Bonsack's station on the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad, and forty miles south of west from Lexington, was built about 1832, rebuilt in 1847, 8 feet across the bosh by 36(?) feet high, and made in thirty-five weeks of 1854 about 800 tons of metal out of brown hematite ore from a bank one mile distant south; was abandoned in December 1854 and is now dilapidated." (Lesley 1859, 72 See References)


From route 220 at Eagle Rock, Virginia, turn west onto state route 615, following Craig's Creek from the James River, 5.5 miles turn right on state route 621 for one mile, entrance on left to the Roaring Run picnic area and trailhead.

Topozone Map

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No observation available from public road.

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Roaring Run Furnace (December, 2006)
Southern (left in view) and eastern (right) faces.

Roaring Run Furnace (December, 2006)
Western (left in view) and southern (right) faces.

Roaring Run Furnace (December, 2006)
East Face

Roaring Run Furnace (December, 2006)
South Face

Roaring Run Furnace (December, 2006)
West Face
This only shows the top half of the furnace on this side because of the proximity of the retaining wall.
There is no fourth arch on this side of the furnace.

Roaring Run Furnace (December, 2006)
North Face

Roaring Run Furnace (December, 2006)
Water Wheel Pit

Roaring Run Furnace (December, 2006)
"ANE." presumably JANE with the "J" obstructed. Located on lintel in east arch.
Iron from the Jane Furnace.

Roaring Run Furnace (December, 2006)
"JANE." cast into the lintel of the north arch.
From the Jane Furnace.